Sunday, March 10, 2013

3.10.13 Flirting with Faith

I’m not a religious person but I do believe having some kind of spirituality in life is extremely helpful.  Trusting in a power greater than ourselves for energy, wisdom, and guidance gives us the strength to set goals, make changes, and move forward.  This is true in good times, but it becomes especially helpful when we are dealing with difficulties.  Faith is believing in something greater, and trusting that things will change for the better if we are open to it.

There was a recent article in Forbes where Erika Andersen writes about The Secret to Getting Really, Really Good at Something.  It ends by making the point that “the main element that allows us to master anything is a core belief in our own capability.  And “lacking belief in oneself is by far the greatest impediment to success.  So the key to mastery lies in our assumptions about ourselves and the process.  If you want to get really great at something, be realistic about what it will require – and have faith in your own ability.”  There’s that word again, faith.

A lot of big changes started in my life six months ago.  Change is hard.  Over the years I’ve learned that I can do just about anything, but when I start in on something new (or difficult) my first reaction is to doubt my ability to get it done, or get it done well.  I have lacked faith in my own abilities so many times and I’m getting tired of that.  Why not just have complete trust in my feelings, decisions, and actions and also trust that those things will always lead me to where I’m supposed to be?  In those moments when I believe in myself, really good things happen.  Starting now I’m just going to believe more often and see where it takes me.

Note: I was hoping to wrap up my thoughts on this by inserting a nice quote about faith or higher power, but they were all a little too religious.  Then I thought I’d add George Michael’s Faith, but have you watched that video since 1988?  Better to include that in a future blog post on ‘irony’.

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